Drain Camera Inspection Service

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Drain Camera Inspection

Are you purchasing a new home or are you currently living in an older home?
Have you been having frequent backups?
Are you wondering if your sewer system has any blockages?
Are you remodeling or looking to add on to any plumbing?
legos in drain

If you answered yes to any of those questions, it may be time to have your sewer line inspected and potentially cleaned! Our trained technicians come out fully equipped and ready to inspect your sewer line diligently & accurately. For home renovations/plumbing additions, they are also equipped with a locator to find additional lines, piping, clean outs, etc.

Having a sewer inspection done is always a great idea for everyone! They help you identify any problems with the sewer line and can help you save on future repairs!


DC Annis Sewer, Inc offers camera inspections on main sewer lines & interior lines as well! If you are looking to clean AND camera a line, you will receive the camera at a discounted rate! To schedule an inspection, please use our efficient online scheduling route and we will reach out to you OR give our office a call at 612-861-6425!