Clogged Toilet Service

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Clogged Toilet Service

Clogged toilets and urinals are always a hassle to deal with. Whether you’ve got kids or just drive a high amount of foot traffic through the bathrooms at your place of business, you’re bound to run into clogging problems.

Normally, clogged toilets and urinals are easily fixable through a plunger and a little bit of elbow grease.

However, in a complicated plumbing system, the drains are normally not large enough to accommodate anything other than human waste and toilet paper. If you find that you have a clogged up bathroom, you become jilted right away and realize that it could turn into a problem for both you and your customers. When public bathrooms clog up, the odors can quickly seep into your main area of business, which will soon turn into lost revenue due to the foul stench.

Clogged toilets and urinals generally need to be handled professionally.

Normally, the high volume flushing that’s involved with a public restroom is capable of preventing clogs. So If you’ve got a clog on your hands in a business bathroom, you’ve most likely got a bigger problem than you normally see in the common household. This kind of clogging doesn’t generally build up overtime, but happens quite quickly. All it takes is someone throwing a piece of garbage or an item that is simply too thick for the intricate and thin plumbing lines that come with toilets and urinals in a public restroom.

DC Annis Sewer is well versed in the headache that you’re dealing with.

Sure, you may try to work the clog out yourself with some Drano and a plunger, but as we mentioned previously, most of these issues are a larger problem that basic household utensils and liquids can’t generally solve. Most likely, you’ll need a professional that’s going to come out and handle the problem for you. This may involve the removal of the clogged toilet or urinal, but generally, these systems were built for a technician to come in and handle the matter in a timely fashion.

In general, you want to try and avoid finding a solution for fixing clogged toilets and urinals on your own.

In most cases, we’ve seen business restrooms become even more of a problem when a business owner tried to take matters into his own hands, which ultimately costs the loss of revenue. Let us handle your problems so you can get back to work.