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Tragedy strikes as clogged drain blamed for teen drowning

“The family of a Pennsylvania teen who suffered a fatal fall in the shower on Friday said the 17-year-old potentially drowned when her hair clogged the drain. Brianne Marie Rapp, who suffered from a thyroid condition, was getting ready for school in the family’s Butler home at the time of the tragic accident, KDKA reported.

Michael Rapp, the teen’s father, said he learned of the tragedy from his ex-wife, who was allegedly sleeping at the time.

‘She was hysterical on the phone and she told me she was gone,’ Michael Rapp told the news outlet. ‘I thought maybe she ran away or something. I didn’t realize she meant she passed away.’

Rapp added that the thyroid condition may have caused his daughter to black out.”

This is a very sad and unfortunate story. While the drain was not clogged in the usual sense, the buildup of water can happen so quickly that it can be impossible to realize if there is a problem. We hope that this family finds the strength to endure such a tragedy.

The full story can be read here and if you wanted to comment with thoughts and prayers.

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