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Celebrity gets politely shamed for clogging the household shower

In her latest Instagram post, Bell shows a note written by her eldest daughter, Lincoln, that describes a “fishing” expedition she and Bell’s husband, Dax Shepard, embarked upon in said shower.

“Look how sweet my family is, they left me a note in my sink,” Bell said while aiming her phone camera at the mirror.

“It says, ‘Dear Mom. Me and dad went fishing in the shower drain and dad caught a fish and I caught a minnow,’” Bell reads. “I know you love fish, so me and dad are going to hand them over to you. Sincerely, Lincoln.’”

Bell then shows two giant clumps of hair, presumably the “fish” that were caught in the shower drain. She captioned the post, “How generous,” which has now gone viral on Instagram.

“Absolutely revolting,” Bell says at the end of the video.”

Check out the full post and see the video here.

Just about anyone who grew up with a medium to large-sized family can relate to drain clogs in the shower. While not intentional, it can be frustrating when you step in the shower only to be standing in a pool of water minutes later. Chemical cleaners are mostly unreliable so your best bet is to hire a professional to remove the clog.

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