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Some useful tips for avoiding clogs in your bathroom and kitchen sink

“Here are some best practices to keep your kitchen and bathroom sink drains clog-free for decades now that you understand how things pass through pipes.

Never allow grease to go down a drain. It solidifies and will clog drain pipes. I set aside used paper towels in my kitchen that are quite clean to sop up liquid grease from cooking pots and pans. These towels are then thrown in the garbage.

Never allow flour and egg mixtures into your kitchen sink drains. Dump as much of this as possible into the garbage. Don’t allow clumps of flour to enter the drain. Fill the kitchen sink with water halfway and wash and emulsify the flour coating on the pans and bowls. Pull the sink stopper and allow this fine slurry to rush down the drain into the main building drain. As crazy as it sounds, flush a nearby toilet to send the slurry on its way to the sewer plant or septic tank.”

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As crazy at it sounds, there are still folks out there dumping grease in their drains. This is a big no-no! Of course, anything solid or that solidifies should be thrown in the trash. When washing dishes, make sure you have the drain strainer inserted to catch any food debris.

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