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Sewer main backup causes massive damage in flooding to basement

“A village sewer line has caused about $25,000 in damage to a house on Main Street.

The line backed up into the house at 166 Main St., filling the partially finished basement with 2 to 3 inches of raw sewage.

When the backup began, the homeowners called a plumber, thinking their pipes were clogged.

The plumber determined the problem was in the sewer main. Village workers had to dig up the main and replace a portion of it, Mayor Harry Gutheil said.”

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Unfortunately for these homeowners, a backwater valve wasn’t installed which would have prevented the flooding. Although the damage was extensive, at least the city was quick to respond by filing a claim with their own insurance. The matter had been promptly resolved, but that is the only good thing that could be said about this situation. The smell and toxic fumes actually caused a 6-month old infant of the homeowners to become sick.

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