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This one tip could save you thousands in sewer flooding damage

“Raw sewage in your basement means extensive damage, unsanitary conditions, and an expensive mess. To avoid these issues, homeowners should take proactive steps.

The first measure all you should take? A sewer line inspection.

This precautionary measure costs an average of $500, and Heger advises homes more than 20-years-old to undergo an inspection as they are more susceptible to sewage flooding.

During an inspection, a restoration company examines your sewer lines with a camera that travels through the pipes to look for blockages.”

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If you’ve recently purchased an older home within the last few years, it might be worth investing in a sewer line inspection. Even if you don’t suspect any problems, getting an inspection done will give you peace of mind knowing the current condition of your sewer line. If an issue is discovered, then an appropriate plan of action can be determined and resolved before serious damage occurs.

At DC Annis Sewer, we use state of the art equipment to inspect your sewer line. If roots or clogging is found, we have the tools and expertise to safely and effectively remedy the problem. Call us at 612-861-6425 or visit our sewer line page for more information.