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Purchasing an older home? It may be worth investigating the main sewer line

“When Kate and Nick Simpson were preparing to purchase their current home in Kingfield in fall 2015, things hit a snag when the property underwent a sewer inspection. In order to be sure of the health of their new home’s sewers, the couple had the sewer line scoped from the main line in the house to where it connects with the city sewer in the street.

What they found is that the camera ran into tree roots that had made their way into the sewer line, which is a common issue. In addition to the roots, they found there was an offset in the pipe.

“Two of the sections of the pipe were no longer connected flush and were offset by a couple inches,” Kate Simpson said. “Because we discovered the issue as part of the inspections process for the house, we were fortunately able to negotiate that the sellers fix the offset prior to the sale.”

The price of the fix? $4,200.”

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Realizing there is a major problem after closing on your home is like a gut punch. While it’s illegal for sellers not to disclose any known issues that doesn’t mean you won’t face any like the one above. Fortunately, this couple had the foresight to have the sewer line inspected and were able to negotiate with the sellers for a remedy. When it comes to sewer lines, the digging and surface repair can be just as costly as replacing the pipe.

At DC Annis Sewer our main line sewer service offers more than just resolving a clog. Our state-of-the-art video inspection equipment can quickly determine how badly damaged the line may be. We’ll also be able to see any tree roots that might be breaking through and can devise a course of action. Call us at 612-861-6425 or visit our main line drain page for more information.