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Husband retrieves wife’s wedding ring from sewer line

“When Kevin Bowie’s wife, Molly, accidentally flushed her wedding ring down the toilet on Jan. 8, she thought it was lost for good. Kevin, who is quite handy with home repairs and knows his way around plumbing, was determined to find it.

“Trust me,” he told his wife of 15 years, something he had told her since they were first together.

It took a few weeks, but on the Saturday before Valentine’s Day, he found the ring in the sewer line in front of their Avenue C, Riverside, home. Of course, after thoroughly soaking it in soapy water and boiling it a few times, he did not share the news with her or their three young daughters for two days. On Valentine’s Day, Molly came home from the store to find Kevin on one knee in the basement holding the open ring box with the ring inside.

Kevin boiled the ring a few times, used hand sanitizer and brushed it.

“I soaked it for 24 hours in dish detergent, soapy water,” he said.

“I did tell my daughters to marry a man who will sift through poop for you,” Molly said. “It’s true love, at this point. If that’s not marriage insurance, I don’t know what is.””

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Now that’s a love story! Kevin definitely has some skills when it comes to creatively finding a way to get back his wife’s ring. Fortunately for him the sewer lateral from the house is the only one that goes to a nearby manhole. This allowed him to set up a filter of sorts to “catch” the ring. In most cases, once a ring is flushed – it’s gone!

Hopefully, you never have to deal with the anxiety of accidentally flushing jewelry. However, there is the chance that you may have a sewer line clog at some point in your lifetime. If that does happen call DC Annis Sewer at (612) 861-6425 to have our professionals clear it up!