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Avoid drain clogs with these useful tips

Don’t Flush Leftover Cooking Oil and Grease Down the Toilet or Drains

Some homeowners believe that discarding their used cooking oil inside the sink isn’t a big issue. This way of thinking is because cooking oil is not a solid substance- however, the fact remains that it can adhere to the inner part of the pipelines. This oil will stay on the surface and thus will continue to accumulate over time as they trap tiny solid food particles that find their way into the sink.

Don’t Use Chemicals to Clean Your Drains

Even though drain cleaners are excellent at clearing obstructions and eliminating debris, they are exceedingly damaging to the environment. If you use a chemical drain cleaner for the first time, the likelihood of causing harm to your pipes is low. However, these products’ persistent and vigorous application can cause holes to grow in the steel, resulting in leakage and blockage by the covering soil.”

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When your drain clogs time is of the essence. If conventional methods of unclogging don’t work it is vital that you contact a professional. Any delay may result in your main line becoming blocked causing further problems. The end result could be a more expensive repair job.

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