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Raw sewage back up destroys couple’s family heirlooms

“Imagine you wake up one morning and head downstairs to your finished basement. Imagine you find the basement floor covered in raw sewage, and it’s still rising. And that it’s soaking into the walls and family heirlooms and the bottom of furniture.

Imagine further that the cleanup cost and estimated repairs totaled more than $43,000. And that the Western Virginia Water Authority — without admitting any fault — was willing to make good on only $18,000 of that.

For Bill and Mary Lou Hill, 78 and 79 respectively, no imagination is necessary.”

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This is an unfortunate mess no matter how you look at it. Whether it is the thousands of dollars spent on trying to restore the precious heirlooms, or the money to fix the problem itself. A backwater valve installed in the floor drain could have prevented the whole issue. However, many homeowners are not aware of this.

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