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Why flushable wipes are terrible for your septic system

“Saginaw-based Duperon Corp. says it has a solution to sanitary sewer pumps clogged by “flushable” wipes and has tested the new system with success in the city of Saginaw.”

Flushable wipes can wreak havoc in collection systems and wastewater treatment plants across the country because, unlike toilet paper, they don’t degrade in the collection system, according to Duperon officials. Instead, these fiber-enforced rags coagulate and combine with fat, oils, and grease in the sewer system, clogging pumps and damaging equipment in the treatment train, the release states.

“Flushable wipes popularity have been increasing over the last few years and the water industry and collection systems across the globe are struggling with this new debris condition,” Dill said. “While we didn’t invent the product to respond to the increased use because of COVID, flushable wipes have certainly gotten a lot of publicity during the pandemic.””

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This new product which was designed to tackle the problem of clogged pipes due to wipes is just a fancy drain auger. Instead of solving the problem at the source, this method of correction is only fixing the issue after the fact. The emphasis should be on awareness and making it well-known that such wipes should NEVER be flushed down a toilet.

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