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The main causes of urinal drain clogs

1. Mineral buildup in water

Living in Florida, you’re likely no stranger to seeing evidence of hard water everywhere: Shower liners and shampoo bottles become mottled with white stains. The same thing happens with kitchenware at the end of a cycle in the dishwasher. Water in the Sunshine State creates these unsightly stains due to its high mineral content. These minerals can stick to steel pipes. Over time, the significant buildup will cause water to drain slowly.

2. Sediment in urine

This isn’t a topic that most people talk about, but urine actually contains microscopic solid particles: skin cells, proteins, debris from the urinary tract, mucus, etc. The amount of sediment typically found in urine depends on the person’s overall health and personal hygiene. While imperceptible to the naked eye, a large amount of sediment will cause a drain to clog.”

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While it should be obvious that only liquid should be draining from a urine, blockages due to the factors above do occur. Mineral and sediment buildup will take time to produce any noticeable clogs, however, it’s the combination of both which is the most likely culprit.

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