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Several reasons your drains might become clogged

“Having clogged drains around your home or business is always difficult to deal with. Drains surely are disgusting when they get clogged and is a very difficult experience to whoever happens to stumble upon them. Clogged drains can cause health complications as bacteria and other harmful contaminants can start gathering around the blocked area. You may be wanting to know what causes your drains to clog, so let me provide you a few common reasons why these get clogged:


One of the most common reasons for a blocked drain is pretty much caused by its own users. Many people have the habit of throwing toiletries down the drain instead of using a trash can.

Grease Buildup:

Another common reason for a clogged drain, though this time occurring in the kitchen, is grease buildup. By disposing of grease down your clogs, especially when it’s hot it can easily get stuck on your pipe’s walls.”

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Hair buildup is another very common reason for clogged drains. Especially in sinks and bathtubs. It’s recommended that you purchase a small drain filter to insert in these areas to collect hair and stop it from clogging further down. It might be a slight annoyance to clear it out on a daily basis but will be much easier to deal with than a huge clog.

If you have a stubborn clog that just can’t be cleared, call the pros at DC Annis Sewer at 612-861-6425. You can also visit our residential services for more information. We look forward to working with you!