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What is the purpose of drain tiles for your home?

“In modern applications, drain tile isn’t tile at all, but a system of porous plastic PVC pipe or flexible plastic pipe that is laid beneath the ground around a home’s foundation. It is intended to collect the water before it can enter a basement or crawl space, and it either directs the water downhill away from the home’s foundation using gravity or directs it into a collection pit where an electric sump pump can remove it from the house. In some systems, the piping may run to a distant drainage pit buried underground, while in other systems the piping or sump pump dumps the water onto open ground where it can run into storm sewers or filter into the ground.”

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Having drain tile installed around your home is a great way to protect from flooding due to heavy rainstorms. However, if those tiles become clogged then that protection is virtually eliminated. Unfortunately, due to the way these systems are designed, trying to clean them yourself can prove to be quite the chore.

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