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Dozen’s of homes flooded with sewage due to blocked sewer line

“A blocked pipe sent sewage flooding into at least 80 homes in a Queens neighborhood on Saturday, with city officials pointing to a familiar culprit on the heels of Thanksgiving: cooking grease poured down a drain.

The sewer line failure caused extensive property damage in the Jamaica section of Queens near the Belt Parkway and Kennedy Airport, drawing a significant response by the Fire Department, utility crews and multiple city agencies.

The blockage is in a major pipe that carries sewage from the neighborhood to a treatment center, officials say, and some workers were using pressure hoses and vacuum trucks to break it down on Sunday while other workers set up a bypass system to resume the normal flow later in the day.”

Further details can be read here.

Pouring grease down a drain is a big no-no. It should be common-sense these days, but every year incidents such as these occur. Forget the damage done to your own home, when it starts affecting your neighbors, that’s a major problem. Unless you have a sewer backflow preventer installed, there’s nothing else that can be done to stop someone else’s mistake from ruining your home.

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