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Woman intentionally clogs toilet to distract clerks while shoplifting

“A woman clogged a toilet to distract a clerk to steal from a Marion County Family Dollar, according to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

The Sheriff’s Office said on Feb. 20 the woman went into the Family Dollar on Highway 200 and put more than $400 worth of stuff in a laundry bin.

This is where it gets weird, she went to the bathrooms and clogged the toilets in order to distract the clerks and left out the emergency door. She took her stolen items to CVS, put them by the trash and went to talk to someone in a dark colored SUV. The SUV proceeded to drive around to the dumpsters, but when the woman in the photo spotted a Family Dollar employee by her stolen items she fled.”

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We’ve covered intentional toilet clogs on this blog before. In those cases, the offenders were typically juveniles trying to pull a prank. However, this is the first time we’ve heard of someone being so brazen. The idea of using a toilet clog as a distraction for theft is a bold one. As if the theft wasn’t bad enough, the potential for property damage should lead to additional charges. It’s cases like these that lead some businesses to allow only paying customers access to their restroom.

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