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Pandemic causing a surge in toilet break-downs

“Pre-pandemic, “You’re using the bathroom facilities in the morning before you go to work or school and then in the evening,” says Brian Wilk, owner of Bishop Heating, Plumbing and Cooling in Des Plaines. But with people stuck at home, “You’re getting more clogged drain lines.”

Some clogs have been caused by people, perhaps worried about toilet paper shortages, who instead did what plumbers will tell you is a big no-no: They used paper towels or wipes that are advertised as flushable but don’t dissolve like T.P.

And sometimes kids, bored with being home so long, toss things in to the toilet that aren’t meant to be tossed into the toilet. Rivera says he recently handled “a dozen of those little trolls that got flushed down the toilet. We were just pulling them out hair by hair.””

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More frequent usage of toilets naturally will result in more complications. Although, only toilet paper should be flushed after going to the bathroom. A lot of the blame does go to these manufacturers of so-called “flushable wipes”. In our opinion, that’s blatant false advertising but you can guarantee that they won’t be paying the bill for clearing your drain lines.

At D.C. Annis Sewer we’ve been removing clogs from toilets in the Minneapolis area for over 55 years. We’ve seen it all, but these days due to everyone being home, these problems have become quite frequent. If your toilet is clogged call us at 612-861-6425 or visit or clogged toilets page for more information.