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Sewer line blockage causes sewage to rise up through area manholes

“San Luis Obispo County Public Health Officer Penny Borenstein released a statement explaining that a blockage in a sewer line caused about 2,000 gallons of sewage to seep up through manholes in the area.

The sewage spread to a dry portion of the creek bed where it was contained by firefighters.

Sacramento Drive was temporarily closed to protect the public and allow crews enough space to clean up.

SLO City wastewater management teams also responded and helped stop the leak.

The city’s utilities department reportedly cleared the blockage from the sewer line and disinfected the roads and sidewalks in the area.

Because the leak involved contamination of the creek bed, other city departments and agencies were involved to protect the health and safety of the public and environment. These included California’s Office of Emergency Services, SLO County Environmental Health, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, SLO City Wastewater, the City Streets Department, the SLO environmental health officer, a city biologist and more.”

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When a sewage line blockage occurs it’s a race against time to remove the obstruction. The damage from flooding not only relates to property but presents a health risk to residents as well. It is essential that action is taken quickly so that clean-up and restoration can be minimal.

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