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The various types of professional drain cleaning equipment

1. Auger cleaners

There are two different types of auger or snake cleaners – hand-powered and motor-driven. Both types use a long, flexible cable that the user feeds through the drain opening to the clog.

2. Air-burst cleaners

Air-burst drain cleaners use air, carbon dioxide or other gas to disintegrate or dislodge a clog. The unit directs the pressurized gas into the piping, where it directs a force through the standing water at the clog. Units are available that use small, built-in compressors or carbon dioxide cartridges to produce the initial burst of gas pressure.

3. Hydro-jetting cleaners

Hydro-jetting drain cleaners use high-pressure water streams to break up clogs. The technician feeds a hosepipe fitted with a nozzle into the drain. High-pressure water pumped into the hose is forced out through the nozzle. With pressures as high as 35,000 psi, the energy from the water is effective in clearing blockages.”

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For typical (minor clogs) a snake usually gets the job done for clearing the blockage. However, massive clogs tend to need much more force applied which is where water (hydro) jetting comes in. Substances like grease will have snake lines just punch through a tiny portion. When high-pressure water is sent through the pipe, there is nowhere for the grease to hide as the water floods the entirety of the pipe. This makes water jetting an effective solution for businesses like restaurants where grease traps need regular maintenance.

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