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Reasons for scheduling sewer line maintenance

  • Reduce strain on home’s plumbing: Blocked drains can cause a plumbing system to work harder to clear out debris or obstructions. Taking care of the sewage system can lighten the strain whenever there is a blockage in the system, increasing the life span of the plumbing system as a whole.
  • Preventing major water damage: When a drain is severely clogged, it can increase the chances of a major problem. Those problems could include flooding inside the house or a sewage leak outside of the home. Major sewer problems can be costly as well. Maintaining sewer lines can be a leading way to prevent such issues.
  • Eliminate bad odors from sewage system: Bacteria and mold can build up in drains if they are not cleaned properly. In addition to a bad smell, some bacteria can create health hazards. Regularly cleaning drains can assist in combating this issue.

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Many homeowners wait until a problem occurs with their sewer line and schedule an inspection or repair. However, having your sewer maintained periodically will likely prevent any major catastrophes in the foreseeable future. Families that have purchased older homes should absolutely have an inspection done as soon as possible. Being proactive with sewer line maintenance may be the difference between spending hundreds to thousands of dollars in repairs.

The team at DC Annis Sewer offers video inspection of your sewer line to find any potential problems. Visit our sewer line page or call 612-861-6425 to schedule service or inspection.