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Practice proper lawn care to reduce drainage clogs

“Lately our drainage pipes have been backed up a little more than usual and it turns out there’s one task that we can all do to help unclog them. It all starts with the up keeping of our property.

Lafayette Consolidated Government’s Director of Drainage Brian Smith says often times after mowing the lawn we tend to put our lawn waste into coulees and ditches.

“I know in the fall when the leaves fall you’ll get a lot of that debris accumulation. Leaves, sticks and so forth infront of the opening of culverts, drainage inlets.” said Smith

Anything drainage related infront of our house like overflowing gutters serves a purpose so we need to keep them open.

It might be hard for some of us to keep our property’s free of debris. Slemco’s Communications Coordinator Mary Laurent says they can help, especially since hurricane season is coming.”

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It’s important to be mindful of where you’re discarding your lawn waste. Of course, we aren’t saying that people are intentionally disposing of such waste through their drainage system. However, it’s easy to get sidetracked and inadvertently sweep or rake such debris near your outside drain. Taking care to avoid doing so will ultimately help reduce the chance of a sewer line clog.

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