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Want to avoid a clogged drain? Follow these guidelines

Combing hair and scraping plates

We recommend that you give yourself a comb through before having a shower, especially if you have long hair.

We also recommend after every meal that you scrape your plates into the food waste or compost before rinsing them.

Drain protectors

Drain protectors are a small and simple tool that you place over the plughole in your sink, bath or shower.

The drain protector will catch most things that could cause a blockage. Then it’s easy to clean it up.

Regular unblocker treatments

If you’re finding the previous tips aren’t giving you the results you’re want, then it might be time to start regular unblocker treatments.

We recommend getting one of our Best Buys that impressed in our tests and apply it on a monthly basis.”

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If you really want to get creative with preventative drain-blocking measures, check out enzyme cleaning sticks. It’s a simple process where you simply put the stick in your plughole and let it do its thing. These sticks will break down grease, fat, and food, and more that tend to build up in your drain. Apparently, not all of the brands of these sticks are created equally so be sure to read reviews before purchasing.

Sometimes, no matter what prevention methods are taken, a clog inevitably happens. Don’t fret, however, the crew at DC Annis Sewer have experience handling even the toughest of clogs. Call us at 612-861-6425 to learn more or visit our residential page.