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Students clogging toilets at school thanks to TikTok trend

“Students are destroying or stealing items at their schools, often in the school bathrooms, for what school administrators and police are blaming on a TikTok trend.

Reports have emerged from across the country: a stolen soap dispenser and damaged sink in Florida; intentionally clogged toilets and mirrors and soap dispensers ripped from walls in California; destruction and red dye staining the bathrooms and a teacher’s belongings stolen in Arkansas; ceiling tiles and partitions destroyed in Tennessee.

Aubrey Chancellor, the executive director of communications for the North East Independent School District in San Antonio, Texas, says schools there have experienced similar damage.”

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To the credit of TikTok, the platform is actively removing posts and hashtags that are used to spread this challenge and instead redirect visitors to their community standards. Unfortunately, this is just the latest trend on TikTok aimed at causing destruction in the education sector. It seems like serious criminal charges are needed to help deter students from perpetuating this disturbing trend.

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