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Who is responsible for sewer line and water main breaks?

Water Line Breaks & Sewer Line Issues
Public water line breaks or sewer line issues will be the responsibility of your local municipality. Leaks and breaks in the lines to your home that are your responsibility require immediate and professional attention.

Water and pipe issues can be expensive with higher water bills, potential damage to walls, floors, furniture, and more. Plus, they can be a huge nuisance if you have to spend days without running water or toilets. Spending time each month to check that everything is working properly can save you time and money in the future. Look for leaks, water damage, mildew or mold, pressure, draining and flushing issues, and higher than usual water bills.

Whether you want to fix issues yourself or call in a pro, these problems are best addressed immediately. If you plan to do it yourself, remember that water issues can be messy, so dress appropriately. Make sure you know how to turn off water, power, and gas if needed. Your local hardware store can be a great resource for tools, parts, and tips.”

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Generally, if a water main line breaks on your property, no matter how close to the road it is your responsibility to fix it. Of course, if that same line breaks on a public road then the city or township must foot the bill. Since the cost could end up being thousands of dollars, some homeowners opt for an insurance plan for their water line. These typically cost a few dollars a month and are very much worth the investment.

If you have a main line break on your property contact the team at DC Annis Sewer right away! Call (612) 861-6425 to have a technician review your situation and begin repairs as soon as possible.