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Crucial tips for maintaining your sewer lines

“Whether because of debris getting into them, grease building up, tree roots growing in, or a cleanup or repair project going wrong, your pipes can clog or break.

The good news is you can avoid smelly and inconvenient sewer leaks by keeping your lines flowing freely. Here are some tips and tricks for maintaining your sewer lines this spring — and year-round.

Clean gutters, downspouts, and drains

Leaves, pine needles, moss, twigs, and dirt accumulate in drainage areas over time, especially during autumn and winter, when leaves fall and Seattle’s rainy season encourages the growth of moss in damp areas of your gutter system.

Dispose of grease properly

Grease buildup is a major risk factor when it comes to sewer clogs. Hot grease will only flow so far before it cools and solidifies, constricting a pipe and eventually leading to a clog.”

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Another super important tip that should be common sense is to only flush toilet paper down your toilet. Even the flushable wipes are terrible for your sewer line and pipes. If you can manage to use just single-ply toilet paper even better. Furthermore, avoid throwing any food or leftovers in your sink as that will build a clog over time too.

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