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Grease trap violation may force mayor to close a local restaurant

Mayor of Cheyenne, Wyoming, Patrick Collins, had this to say about a restaurants reluctance to fix a serious sanitary violation:

“Not every meeting is fun. I met with a team from our Board of Public Utilities (BOPU) about a business that is not meeting the industrial pretreatment requirements established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Restaurants are required to have grease traps and service them regularly. This particular business has a broken grease trap and is unwilling to fix it. This could cause sewer backups in the area and damage our system. I hate that we have folks that think they don’t have to follow the program and that we may have to shut them down. I am a small businessperson and understand how hard it is, but without communication and cooperation, the EPA requirements will force us to act.”

The mayor’s full blog post can be found here.

Every restaurant knows the importance of having a functioning grease trap. The small hassle of having it regularly maintained is a much better alternative than causing a severe sewer backup which would pose a major health risk. Furthermore, the cost of maintenance will surely be much less than any fine or lawsuit should such an incident take place.

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