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Stinky shower drain? Try these tips

“There are several causes of shower drain smells. The first step to take is a rather unpleasant one. Lean down and take a quick whiff. If the smell is musty, it’s possible that you have mold growing underneath your drain cover. Feel the drain cover to see if it’s loose. If your drain cover isn’t perfectly sealed, that small wet space will be a breeding ground for mold. At this point, the cover needs to be removed and the area cleaned. Tilex Mold and Mildew Remover ($12; is a great product for this. Simply spray, leave on for a few minutes, and wipe down. If the situation is really bad, you may need to scrub the cover and tub with an old toothbrush (just remember to throw it out when you’re finished!). If these steps don’t work, it’s time to buy a new drain cover.

At this point, it’s a good idea to clean your pipes. While you can go out and buy chemical cleaning products, more likely than not, you have everything you need in your kitchen to tackle your mold problem immediately. Pour half a cup of bleach down the drain and let it sit for approximately one hour. Then boil four cups of water and pour half of it down the drain. If you have PVC (plastic) pipes, note the boiling water can cause major damage, so make sure you check first. If this is the case, just use hot water from your tap. Then sprinkle a quarter-cup of baking soda down the drain. Follow that with a cup of white or cleaning vinegar. You may hear a fizzing sound from the baking soda and vinegar reacting. Wait a few minutes, then pour the rest of the boiling (or hot) water down the drain. Finish by running the hot water for a few minutes. This should take care of both the odor and the source.”

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It’s also possible that soap scum is to blame for the smell. Check your drain for clogs, as things like hair can cause soap and other debris to build up. If the smell persists or water flow is still restricted, then you should call a professional to help remedy the issue.

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