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Even celebrities have to deal with clogged toilets!

“On Wednesday’s Live with Kelly and Ryan, Seacrest, 44, revealed that during a trip to the Kardashian matriarch’s Hidden Hills mansion, he was perplexed about how to use one of the home’s many toilets.

Seacrest continued, recalling, “So I’m in there, and the toilet, it’s like one of those electronic toilets, but it’s black, so you can’t see any of the buttons, and [the room is] dimly lit, and I can’t find the light switch, and there’s one candle lit.”

“The technology was messed up, and it wouldn’t flush,” Seacrest added, with Ripa interjecting, “Oh, what a nightmare!”

“So I flush it, and the water just builds,” Seacrest says. “I am watching the water level rise.”

“I just left it there,” he said with a laugh, before joking to the camera, “Keep this between us!””

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Okay, so perhaps we can give Ryan Seacrest a pass on this one considering the style of the toilet he was dealing with. Indeed, some of those high-tech models can be quite confusing. You shouldn’t need an instruction manual to flush a toilet!

This story is a reminder that celebrities face common issues much as we do. If you’re dealing with a clogged toilet that isn’t responding to basic unclogging techniques, call DC Annis. We’re available 24/7 and service the twin cities and suburbs. Visit our clogged toilets page for more information.