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Why hydro jetting should be done by experienced technicians

“Of all the things that can happen to damage a person’s home, a sewer backup is one of the worst.

So, what does a Fort Collins homeowner do when a backup occurs? Call a qualified plumber for help as well as Fort Collins Utilities and its wastewater division to diagnose and fix the problem, which is usually a blockage in an underground pipe.

That’s what Matt Clark did in the early hours of Sept. 3 when he noticed water and sewage coming up through a drain in a basement laundry room. The plumber determined the line connecting the house to a city main sewer line was not blocked.

He said the problem was in the main line. A technician from Utilities arrived in a service vehicle to investigate. He used high-pressure “hydro-jetting” equipment inserted up the main to wash out the line.

But in the process, more sewer water rushed into Clark’s basement. Water shot up through a toilet “like a geyser,” Clark said. It spread across the floor, rising several inches in places, before draining away.”

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Imagine the horror of relying on a public utility technician to correct a blockage issue only to make matters so much worse. We can only assume that this worker did not carefully assess the situation and hastily decided that hydro jetting was the best option. There’s no doubt at the effectiveness of hydro jetting when it comes to clearing blockages but as you just read, it’s not always the best solution.

The team at DC Annis Sewer understand the headaches that come with a main line blockage. Brute force isn’t necessarily the best option and we evaluate every situation to consider the consequences. We will investigate the issue and advise you on what solution is appropriate. Call us at 612-861-6425 to learn more about our water jetting service and other drain cleaning services.