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Typical reasons that lead to your sewer line clogging

Damaged Pipes
If a pipe is damaged, it might not be draining properly. If it fails to drain, sewer waste can build up and back up. There are a lot of things that could cause damage to a pipe, but it could also be from improper installation.

Sewer Backup Are Caused by Clogs
We flush a lot of things down the toilet. Sewer lines are not garbage disposals, and shouldn’t be treated like a second trash can. You should never flush a dead animal, any type of plastic, or other solid debris down a toilet.

Feminine Hygiene Products
One of the worst things for a sewer line is the presence of absorbent materials like cotton. These materials don’t lose their shape when wet, and in many cases expand. Not only can this cause clogs, it can be embarrassing.”

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Other major reasons of why your sewer line might clog are grease being poured down drains, tree roots breaking the line, and unattended children flushing or draining foreign objects. Usually, minor occurrences of these no-no’s won’t result in immediate problems. However, if continually done over time, a clog will occur and prevent any sewage from draining resulting in backflow.

At DC Annis Sewer, we have a variety of methods and techniques for effectively clearing sewer line blockages. Using a snake is a good way to remove most residential sewer line clogs. In some cases, water or hydro jetting might be necessary to remove stubborn blockages. Regardless of the severity, our team has the tools and expertise to get the job done. Call us at 612-861-6425 to schedule an appointment to have your sewer line cleared today!