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Non-toxic smoke used to perform leak to test for sewer sanitiation

“The city of Kearney Utilities Department will conduct a leak test on the sanitary sewer system near the airport on July 15, weather permitting. A nontoxic smoke will be blown into the system to reveal leaks that allow stormwater and other surface waters to enter. Locating and correcting leaks will conserve expensive capacity at the wastewater treatment facility.

If traces of the smoke or its odor enter a building, it is an indication that odor from the sewer system also may be entering. This can be unpleasant, dangerous and a potential health hazard.

The location, identification and correction of the source of any smoke entering your building is urgently advised, according to the city’s press release.”

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Newer buildings that have properly installed and maintained traps for floor drains should not have an issue with smoke coming inside. However, if there is a defect and smoke does come through, chances are odors from the sewer are also seeping inside your home. The smoke test will give a good indication of whether repairs are needed before a major catastrophe occurs.

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