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Major sewer plumbing repair company sued by PA attorney general

“Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced his office is suing Pittsburgh-based Gillece Services over the alleged misleading of Pennsylvania customers who paid for unnecessary home improvement repairs. The lawsuit is aiming to take the funds acquired as part of these repairs and return them back to consumers as part of the Pennsylvania Consumer Protection Law and the Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act. Shapiro also said he is pursuing civil penalties against Gillece owners and its workers as well as to ban Gillece from operating in the plumbing industry as part of the lawsuit.

According to Shapiro, a team of investigators with the Attorney General’s Bureau of Consumer Protection reportedly found that Gillece’s technicians consistently failed to make good faith efforts in unclogging consumers’ sewer pipes via a sewer snake and instead recommended expensive excavation work to clear clogged pipes. The lawsuit alleges that many consumers who then asked for a second opinion from other plumbing providers found that their clogged pipes could be solved without the need for excavation.”

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The lawsuit put forth by the attorney general also states Gillece Services uses a snake with an ineffective cutter. The claim is that this particular type of cutter is not suitable for more complex clogs. However, when fitted with the proper tools, excavation was certainly not necessary. This all leads back to what the suit says is misleading or deceptive practices.

At DC Annis Sewer, our main priority is your satisfaction. In many cases, snaking a clog with our specialized equipment will resolve the problem. If it doesn’t we also have a water jetting technique that uses high pressure to blast the clog away. Excavation should only be necessary to repair a damaged pipe. For more information visit our residential services page or call us at