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How fatbergs form and the problems they pose

“Fatbergs are a modern phenomenon.

They form when sewage pipes trap nonbiodegradable debris and human waste that congeals and sticks together with the help of grease and other fats. Everything you flush down the toilet or wash down the sink — including tampon applicators, cotton balls and wet wipes — can contribute to their formation.

The sludgy masses have made headlines in England, where Victorian-era sewer pipes are failing to cope with the mass of modern people’s bathroom and kitchen habits. But as Jessica Leigh Hester writes for Atlas Obscura, they’re not exclusively an English phenomenon.”

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In 2018, a massive 100-foot long fatberg was removed from the sewer system in Macomb County, Michigan. Those residents probably thought a minor indiscretion on their part wouldn’t amount to much. However, collectively, this lack of judgment on a wide-scale is what causes fatbergs to form. The end result, if left untreated, would lead to a major environmental catastrophe.

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