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Who’s setting the standard for “flushable” products

“Go to any drugstore or supermarket, and it’s easy to find wipes and other supplies labeled “flushable.” It’s totally fine to flush those wipes down the toilet, the packaging claims. No problem at all.

But according to sewage plants and wastewater experts, those so-called “flushable” products are actually a big problem. They might be flushable enough to snake through the toilet’s plumbing, but they don’t disintegrate before they reach the various channels, tanks, and propellers at sewage plants. Instead, they clump up on everything they hit — clogging up the system and, in some cases, even breaking heavy pieces of machinery. Employees have to regularly hand-chisel wipe-boulders out of the innards of the sewage plant.”

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You’ve probably heard in the news recently how supposedly flushable wipes are causing major problems in sewer systems. As mentioned above, they might make it through your own plumbing system but certainly won’t dissolve any time soon. As more and more items like wipes begin to clump together they create “fatbergs” which pose an even bigger risk to city sewer lines.

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