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Beware sewer line repair companies looking to con unsuspecting homeoweners

“A sophisticated plumbing scheme in Southern Colorado is preying on people in need of sewer inspections, and it could cost victims thousands of dollars.

Amid a housing market boom, there’s a lot of opportunities for crooked companies to profit. Some are even showing clients fake footage of someone else’s sewer line, painting a dangerous picture of sewage seeping into yards where kids play.

Jami Becka recently bought a home in Aurora. Her family hired Mainline Services for a routine sewer inspection. The inspection revealed there were roots growing in the line.

“They said, ‘Get it cleaned. It should cost less than $200,’” said Becka.

Becka tells 13 Investigates the plumbing company she called, Mr. Rooter of Northern Colorado, said they needed to come to her home and do their own scope of her sewer line first. After the inspection, they presented a much different and more dire situation.

According to the estimate provided to Becka, Mr. Rooter of Northern Colorado quoted a total of $8,700 — $2,500 for the cleaning she needed according to the inspection and $6,200 for a sewer line replacement.”

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The astronomical difference between what the inspection company quoted versus what Mr. Rooter quoted is alarming. While the price of cleaning versus a line replacement is justified, trying to dupe homeowners with false information should be a crime. The moral of the story is to always get a second opinion if you are quoted with a large repair/replacement bill.

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