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Warnings signs that indicate you need a plumber

“Here are some signs that you should be paying attention to the pipes:

Your Sinks Are Clogged

After you brush your teeth, pay attention to how the sink empties itself of the water used. If it’s taking longer than normal for excess water to drain, there might be something caught in the pipes.


Most pipe systems make noise, but if you’ve noticed your toilet has been loud as of late, there might be something wrong with it. The toilet might be struggling to fill with water after a flush. The same counts for your sink and shower; any strange noise is a warning sign.

Frozen Pipes

Pipes get cold in the winter, but it’s a bad sign if they become frozen. When that ice melts it can break the pipes and cause a flood, damaging floors and precious objects within reach. Find a plumber if you notice this, in order to avoid the worse.”

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Speaking of frozen pipes, now that winter is upon us, older homes may be more susceptible to such a problem. Many homeowners may try to thaw the pipes themselves but this could actually cause serious injury or damage. Fortunately, there is a process called steam thawing that is safe, efficient, and quick to get your water flowing again.

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