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College students cause clogged toilet nightmare on campus

“Students damaging school property have created a costly headache for Gettysburg College.

A spokesperson said toilets at its residence halls have been so stuffed with toilet paper that the sewage system is backed up.

Some students think social media is fueling these incidents.

“People want the reaction, like, attention from that. That’s why they post it on social media and do stuff like that. And then people reacting to that makes them want to do more,” David Parella said.

“I’ve seen photos of bathrooms that have been affected by this,” Sophie Smith said.

The photos show toilet paper everywhere and toilets completely clogged.

“It specifically happens on Friday and Saturday nights when people get a little rowdy,” Carter Bandiere said.

Gettysburg College emailed students Monday, saying damages total a couple thousand dollars per building.”

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It’s no laughing matter when toilets and plumbing are intentionally destroyed. We’ve seen this type of behavior in high schools but from a college campus? There’s just no excuse for it. The result is thousands of dollars spent for unnecessary repairs. It’s likely that the student(s) responsible will probably never face charges.

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