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Sewage back up at court house causes major health concerns

“Calls are continuing to grow over health concerns at the Roderick Ireland Courthouse in Springfield. New pictures into our newsroom show sewage leaking from floors and ceilings of the building.

Every single day, courthouse employees walk up the steps into the courthouse. Today, we spoke to several workers who told us they are disgusted by the recent pictures showing sewage inside the building and are once again standing by their calls for the courthouse to be closed down.

We reached out to the Massachusetts Trial Court and a spokesperson told us:

“Monday morning, there was a backup in a vertical sewer pipe. It backed up through the floor drains in the two third floor grand jury room bathrooms. It puddled around the drain and leaked through the ceiling to the second floor below, damaging ceiling tiles and the carpets of two offices. A drain company came on Monday afternoon and cleared the drain blockage. The trial court facilities department cleaned and sanitized the bathrooms, replaced the ceiling tiles, and cleaned and sanitized the carpets Monday night, and will replace the carpets as soon as possible.”

The spokesperson added that there are no plans to relocate courthouse operations.”

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It’s crazy to think that officials at this courthouse would allow activities to continue despite the obvious health concerns. Besides the sewage backup, sources have also claimed that toxic mold is present. These risks present a serious danger to courthouse employees. It’s unknown as to why the reluctance to cease proceedings until repairs and clean up can be done.

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